Herd Sire

Penz Harvard 4676, is our current herd sire.From the moment I saw him at Penz Angus Ranch, I knew he was the one destined for our herd. Not many bulls like him come around too often. He is without a doubt one of the highest performing S A V Harvestor sons.

A.I. Sires

S A V Final Answer 0035

S A V Net Worth 4200

S A V Regard 4863

S A V President 6847

Coleman Charlo 0256

S A V Bloodline 9578

S A V Resource 1441

S A V Renown 3439

S A V Cutting Edge 4857

S A V Rainfall 6846

Coleman Bravo 6313

S A V America 8018

Kevin Deleu-(903)651-1481
899 Patton Rd Collinsville, TX 76233